Singers’ Stories

A Lockdown Story…

My son was 8 when he joined CCC in September 2019. He loves to sing and perform so it was perfect for him.

Saturday mornings were his favourite time of the week. He’d come home singing new songs with a huge smile on his face. We were really proud parents when we watched him singing carols for late night Christmas shoppers in town and then watching him with the rest of the choir singing so beautifully at the Christmas concert.

In January 2020 new songs were being practised and plans being made for lots of exciting projects and opportunities for the choir. F had made lots of new friend and he’d signed up for the CCC Easter workshop when covid hit. All of F’s out of school groups and activities stopped and we were all stuck at home. However Amber’s love for her choir meant she wasn’t going to let anything stop her children singing. She brought us all together remotely with the wonder of technology. The children were together again. They were able to see their friends, albeit on screen, chat have fun and sing. Their smiles lit up the screen and our lounges.

One by one the choir’s organised events were cancelled but Amber’s imagination kicked in and songs that had been practised were used to create brilliant movie nights. The children would send their recordings of their performances to Amber and in turn she would expertly piece them together to create stunning videos which were unveiled on “movie night”. The children would dress up and have popcorn, us grown ups a glass of wine and we would watch our children perform on screen. Proud moments and a few tears were shed.

Lockdown was really tough but Amber always appeared on screen with a smile on her face. Her innovative ideas have kept the children excited and us all thoroughly entertained and the remote choir sessions added some much needed structure to our week.

The children were so excited to be able to meet as “Vocalise” for a few weeks at the end of 2020. This bought so much joy to the children. It was fantastic to see them happy to be together again. Unfortunately the Christmas concert couldn’t take place last year but again Amber created a wonderful Christmas recording for us to treasure and the CCC took part in an national online choir performance. Even though life has been so different this past year Amber has continued to give our children amazing opportunities to perform.

We are about to enter a new phase of CCC as the children will be together again in person. Despite everything F has emerged from these crazy times with more confidence to perform. He’s made many new friends, had so much fun but most of all he has just loved to sing every Saturday morning.

Amber has been amazing not only for our children but for us parents too. She has a wild and wonderful imagination and brings fun and excitement to our Saturday mornings. CCC is certainly a children’s choir with a difference. Thank you so much Amber.

A Vocalise parent

A Vocalise Story…

My little girl has been singing every Saturday with Cheltenham Children’s Choir since Amber set it up. She loves it! She has made new friends and grown in confidence. She has had the chance to have fun, enjoy music, perform and be part of the committee! Amber has been a kind, supportive teacher all the way. When my little girl has felt nervous or shy, Amber has held her hand, smiled and made everything possible!

Cheltenham Children’s Choir is a community of little friends, families and supporters. This year, somehow, Amber has managed to keep that going! Zoom Choir has helped the children have a sense of normality and the families get an insight into the Choir fun.

The sense of CCC community has grown through 2020 and we have loved being part of it!

A Vocalise parent

A Harmonise Story…

My son loves being part of Cheltenham Children’s Choir (Harmonise). He has been a member since Amber started the choir and since joining his love of singing and music has grown enormously thanks to Amber’s wonderful encouragement and support. Amber is a fantastic teacher and choir leader with an enthusiasm that is infectious – the emphasis in choir is on having fun and Saturday mornings are the highlight of my son’s week.

He has also learnt lots of new skills such as how to sing in harmony and has been given lots of performance opportunities, from the wonderful choir showcases to taking part in the Cheltenham Festival of Performing Arts. This has really helped with his confidence, so much so that he is now happy to sing solos. My younger daughter has now started having singing lessons through the choir, which she loves, and as a parent I’ve joined Amber’s adult choir, so the choir really does feel like part of our family life and we wouldn’t be without it! 

A Harmonise parent