Timetable, Prices and Singing Lessons

Our Choir Sessions

Cheltenham Children’s Choir runs on a Saturday morning at Naunton Park Primary School, and Friday evening at Holy Apostles Church, Charlton Kings. We run three choirs for different age groups, at a variety of times. You can see our timetable below:

Naunton Park Timetable (Saturday)

Little Lyrics (aged 5-8)

Vocalise (aged 8-11)

Harmonise (aged 11-16)

9am – 9:45am

10am – 10:45am

11am – 12pm

Holy Apostles Timetable (Friday)

Little Lyrics (aged 5-8)

Vocalise (aged 8-11)

4pm – 4:45pm

5pm – 5:45pm


Our pricing is very important to us. Most importantly, we want our choir to be accessible to all children and young people. We therefore aim for a simple, affordable pricing structure.

A ‘season’ counts as two school terms, i.e. Christmas to Easter, or Easter to Summer. We know that the number of weeks in a season may vary, but to make it simple, we keep our fees the same throughout the year.

You can pay for a season in two chunks (a ‘half season’), to make this more manageable. This is roughly equivalent to one school term.

The only other costs you may be asked for are to buy a polo shirt for your child, and tickets to watch your child perform! The fees are below:

Half Season (i.e. Easter to Half Term Break)Full Season (i.e. Easter to Summer)
Little Lyrics£35£70

Singing Lessons at Choir

Amy Garry – Singing Teacher

Singing lessons are offered to all children who would like them at Children’s Choir, taught by Amy Garry. Singing lessons are carefully timetabled around choir, and happen at the same venue (Naunton Park Primary School). The children move from their choir sessions to singing lessons, all under one roof! You can find out more about Amy here.

For enquiries for singing lessons with Children’s Choir, please do fill in the ‘contact us’ form here.